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F9S SINGLE Monitor Arm Desk Mount for 10″-30″


  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE-Height adjustment through the spring arms, swivel/articulate each arm connection, tilt and rotate at the monitor holder. The spring hovering system makes it incredibly easy to change monitor height with the touch of a finger.
  • SPACIOUS CABLE MANAGEMENT CHANNELS-Allow wires to move freely while you adjust your screen position.
  • HASSLE FREE-C-clamp and grommet mount bases are included for easy and quick installation.
  • EXTERNAL USB PORTS- Provide easy access for flash drives and are great for charging your phone.
  • HEAVIER LOADING CAPACITY- Supports monitors of up to 2-9 kg.

Product Description

Fleximounts’ monitor desk mounts utilize spring hovering system to provide smooth and effortless adjustments.These arms help increase viewing comfort and reduce eye, back and neck strain. With them, you can easily share screens with coworkers, rotate displays to portrait orientation, reduce glare, save space and create the most comfortable setups for your needs. Adjustable height satisfies the ergonomic needs of more than 90% of adults.

Product Specifications:
Material: precision plastic& aircraft-grade aluminum
VESA compliant: 100 x 100 mm (29.52 X 29.52 inch) or 75x 75mm (29.52 X 29.52 inch)
Weight capacity: 4.4-19.8 lbs.
Fits screen sizes: 10-30 inches
Extendable arm length:up to 19.1 inches
Adjustable height: up to 16.9 inches
Installation methods:
Option 1 (Clamp): desk/table thicknesses is 25- 120 mm (0.79-4.72 inch)
ption 2 (Grommet): diameter of the hole is 8.5- 70 mm (1/3 inch-2.75 inch)
Tilt: up to 15 degree or down to 15 degree
Swivel angle: 180 degrees at the upper joints and 135 degrees at the lower joint
Rotation: 360 degrees


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