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This is one of the most elegant ways we’ve seen to turn a regular desk into a standing desk

This is a must-try for those looking to upgrade to a professional standing-desk solution: It’s well-built, sturdy, ergonomic, and looks like it can stand up to a few years of use.

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6 Gift Items That Will Light Her Face Up

A Sit-Stand desk converter is the ideal gift for her if her work demands that she sit behind a desk for hours.

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FlexiSpot Standing Desk Review

It’s a simple, easy solution for those who already have a sitting desk that they like.

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FlexiSpot – Ergonomic Adjustable Desk

With its straight up and down movement you save space with no need to push out.

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An upstanding desk-mate

It is a fantastic laptop stand that also happens to be a decent part-time standing desk.

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New and Unique Teacher Gift Ideas

They allow easy transition between sitting and standing, and are perfect for teachers who spend a lot of time on their feet.

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What FlexiSpot customers are saying...