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Ergonomic Advice

https://uk.flexispot.com/media/magefan_blog/fat.jpg Obesity

Are Coronavirus and Obesity are Corelated?

A recent report says that obesity makes people at high risk of getting infected with Coronavirus, but why is that?

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Bad Office Habits That Can Affect Your Productivity Levels And How To Avoid Them

If you're working, you want to make sure that you stay productive. However, there are a lot of bad habits that can make that a pipe dream. 

https://uk.flexispot.com/media/magefan_blog/how.jpg Immune system

How Your Immune System Is Your Greatest Ally In The Fight Against Coronavirus

You know what this is about. It's about COVID-19, the singular most infectious disease outbreak in the last twenty years.

https://uk.flexispot.com/media/magefan_blog/is.jpg corona virus

Is A Stronger Immune System The Reason Why Younger People Aren't Susceptible To Dying From COVID-19?

Over the weekend, an interesting statistic was released. Apparently, over 80% of people who have suffered death from coronavirus in Italy are over seventy years of age. 

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Keeping up Communication in the Workplace During COVID-19

Remote work has suddenly become the new normal in light of the coronavirus pandemic. While working from home reduces the cost of commuting, it may increase the cost of communication. 

https://uk.flexispot.com/media/magefan_blog/05087.jpg A man who is working from home

What coronavirus means for the future of work from home

The coronavirus pandemic has essentially changed the way the world works. What remains to be seen is whether some of these changes will become permanent. 

https://uk.flexispot.com/media/magefan_blog/05086.jpg A woman suffering from backache

Ways to make your work-from-home space more ergonomic and better for your back

If you're working from home, you're probably facing a lot of challenges. Balancing your work and home life while operating from the same building can be difficult, and dealing with home distractions during work hours can be a drag as well. 

https://uk.flexispot.com/media/magefan_blog/05082.jpg The Right Computer Desk for Small Apartments

Picking the Right Computer Desk for Small Apartments

Remote work was already a growing trend, but the coronavirus pandemic has now made it the norm. For some office workers the change will be temporary; for others, it may become permanent. 

https://uk.flexispot.com/media/magefan_blog/05084.jpg A man is calling

How co-workers are staying connected while they work from home

In these unprecedented times, staying connected to people has become more important than ever. Remote working has exploded into the limelight of work culture almost overnight, and the switch hasn't been easy. 

https://uk.flexispot.com/media/magefan_blog/05083.jpg Home network security

How to Resolve Work from Home Network Security Issues

Over the past several months, many employees with office jobs have started to work remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.