FlexiSpot offers height adjustable desks and desktop workstations,
providing easy transition between sitting and standing.

About FlexiSpot


FlexiSpot is a company of experts dedicated to helping you enjoy standing while working at your home or office. We believe it’s easy for anyone to work smarter and work healthier, and it’s never too late for anyone to make a change from sitting to standing.

What makes FlexiSpot different? Well, 2 reasons actually. One is our outstanding product. We carefully source the finest materials in the world and manufacture them with exquisite design; the other reason is our outstanding service. Picture this: you order a product from this site, it reaches you quickly, through easy installation in minutes you have the freedom – to work  either standing or sitting whenever you want. Soon, you’re feeling your blood circulation improved , your back or neck pain ease, and your’re burning calories like crazy – all these are done while you are working.

“This is an excellent addition to anyone’s office who wants to work healthier. Assembly was very simple and quick.”

—  By Roger Huder, an Amazon verified purchaser



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